Many people think that orthodontics only has to do with the look of their teeth. Unfortunately, if orthodontic treatment is not done properly, you could experience continued dental problems for the rest of your life. These issues may include TMJ pain and chipped, broken or sensitive teeth.

Dever Dental knows that orthodontics must be done properly. We will discuss the importance of a proper bite and smile as it relates to you, giving you the one-to-one care that you expect and deserve.

If you are in search of an experienced and knowledgable orthodontist, visit Daniel E. Dever, DDS, MS.

Dr. Dever has over 35 years of specialized experience as an orthodontist and has placed braces on generations of family members in the greater Cincinnati area.

Unlike a general dentist, Dr. Daniel Dever has a Master's Degree in Science and a certificate of specialty in Orthodontics. His practice is limited to orthodontics. He understands the difference between sound science and dental marketing. He puts the oral health of his patients first.

Our treatment doesn't fit all, but all treatment doesn't fit just one, either. Your treatment plan will be individualized specifically for your needs.