Bite Correction

When your teeth don’t fit together properly and/or the two small joints in front of your ears – TMJ joints – don’t function smoothly, pain and pressure results. You may experience migraine headaches or unexplained facial, neck, shoulder, or jaw pain. Tooth wear, teeth grinding, tingling extremities, and chronic earaches are also on the long list of common problems caused by TMJ disorder.


Bite correction by a properly trained clinician, such as Dr. Martha Dever, can often be accomplished to remove the symptoms that you may be having. A complete examination will be performed to determine whether your joints, muscles and teeth are working in harmony. If it is determined that they are not, it may be necessary to then create records of your mouth for Dr. Dever to study and determine the best treatment for you. Records may include dental impressions, bite molds and/or photos to properly study your mouth when you are not present at the office. 

Treatment recommendations can then be made based on your individual needs. These treatments can range from simple dental adjustments to your teeth to level your bite, whether through removing a small amount from different teeth to even them out or adding to teeth where they have worn down over time. If severe wear has occurred, a more comprehensive plan including restorations such as crowns may be necessary to replace damaged tooth structure. Occasionally if teeth cannot be realigned with conservative dental adjustments, an orthodontic consultation may be recommended to help conserve tooth structure by moving the teeth into the proper position. Fortunately, all of these options can be addressed within our practice as Dr. Martha Dever will coordinate care efficiently and effectively with Dr. Daniel Dever, our orthodontist to resolve these more complex cases.