Are you in network with any insurance companies? 

Yes, Dr. Martha Dever is in network with Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Anthem/BCBS 300, Careington, Cigna, Connection Dental, Delta Dental Premier, Dental Care Plus, Dentemax, Dental Wellness Partners, Directory Dental Services (DDS), Guardian, Humana, Maverest Network, Metlife, Superior Dental Care, United Concordia, and United Healthcare. There are many others that continue to be added through a cosharing agreement with Maverest and Connection Dental networks. If you are unsure and would like to verify, please call us at 513-777-6444 with your information, and we are happy to help you.

Also, as a benefit to our patients that do not have traditional insurance, our office offers an in house dental plan. This plan will allow a substantial savings for preventative care and emergency examinations and provides a discount for all other treatment that you require. Please click here for more information.

Does your office offer payment options for treatment costs?

Yes, our office is happy to offer multiple options regarding financial arrangements for your out of pocket dental costs. Our office accepts all major credit cards, as well as cash or check; and we offer 6 or 12 month interest free financing through Care Credit. We also are willing to discuss in office financing based on your individual treatment plan needs and Lending Club.  All co-payments are collected prior to initiating dental treatment on the date of service.

I am concerned about excess radiation. Do I need to have dental x-rays taken at every visit?

Our office recommends dental bitewing x-rays once every 12 months to help diagnose cavities between the teeth and to monitor the health of the bone surrounding the teeth. Checking with radiographs at least once a year helps to ensure that cavities are discovered while they are small and can still be fixed with the least invasive treatment. For those established patients with a very low caries risk, this time frame may be extended to 18 months.

Panoramic x-rays are recommended once every few years to check for any abnormal growths, infections or structural concerns. Additional more detailed periapical x-rays may be required if there is an area of specific concern. All new patients are recommended to have a series of x-rays based on their dental history and needs to provide the best diagnosis possible.

How long should I plan for my first dental visit?

A standard new patient appointment is scheduled for one hour. During this time a review will be made of your health and dental history. Your current dental status will be documented, including existing fillings and restorations and the structural classification of your dental 'bite'. A thorough examination will be performed to assess the health of the gums, teeth and a soft tissue oral cancer screening. X-rays will be taken with your permission as needed. A dental cleaning will be provided granted that more involved treatment is not required. Oral hygiene instruction will be provided and a copy of your treatment plan will be given to you. We will do our best to estimate your dental costs taking into account any insurance your may have – although please note that providing your insurance information when scheduling helps to ensure the best understanding of your dental benefits on the day of service.

If your first visit is as an emergency exam, we will do our best to resolve your concern on the same day. If required though, we may need to reschedule for other appointments to provide sufficient time for your care.

At what age should I first bring in my child for their first dental visit?

Children are recommended to visit the dentist by three years old. All teeth should be brushed and monitored by parents from the time of first eruption. If any visible concerns are present—dark spots, swelling of the gum, discoloration or functional issues —please contact our office to bring your child in before the age of three. However, generally around the age of three, children tend to be more cooperative and understanding of their first dental experience. During an initial visit, we will examine the teeth and all developmental growth, evaluating current health as well as potential developmental concerns. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and an analysis of current diet and hygiene practice will be discussed. Oral hygiene instruction will then be provided for both parent and child. We are here to answer any questions your may have to help ensure the best dental health for your child’s lifetime.

If your first visit is as an emergency exam, we will do our best to resolve your concern on the same day. If required though, we may need to reschedule for other appointments to provide sufficient time for your care.

I am terrified of the dentist. Does your office offer sedation options?

Our office understands that dental care can be a very scary experience for many people. We are passionate about changing your dental experience. Our goal is to ensure your comfort at every visit. We will listen to your concerns and be attuned to how you feel during any dental treatment provided. Please do not hesitate to voice your needs at each visit. We will respect your beliefs and needs.

We offer nitrous oxide sedation for all patients upon request. We also offer an option for oral sedation for patients during treatment visits following an initial exam and health history analysis. For larger treatment plans there is also the possibility to have IV sedation utilizing the services of a trained dental anesthesiologist.