Dever Dental Plan

Deciding on which plan to choose for next year's dental benefits? Tired of the insurance game? Frustrated by the denial of necessary treatment, limited treatment options, waiting to do the work you need most?

Switch to the Dever Dental Plan today and start saving real dollars and investing in your family's health!

Most employers provide a dental plan that is nothing more than a benefit plan. On average, such plans cost your employer $1300 per year and have a pre-defined benefit of $1000.00. After that, you receive discounted benefits, but the rest must come out of pocket. If you do not use your benefit, you lose it.

Dever Dental offers a new and better way of managing your dental and health costs. 

Under traditional plans, you lose the carryover and you can't use the benefit for anything other than dental needs.

Dever Dental's plan, unlike most insurance companies, starts at only $279.00 per year per person. This covers basic cleanings, exams and x-rays without the need for a copay as with your typical policy. But you also get deep discounts on dental services without the hassle of a maximum benefit.

The best part is that your employer now only pays $279.00 a year for the policy and can now contribute the difference of $1,051.00 in a Health Savings Account (HSA) tax free. You can use this account at any time, now or in the future, for both medical and dental needs. It grows as an investment.

More money for your family's health, greater flexibility, and never a max benefit. Dever Dental Plan makes sense for you and your family, and saves you thousands of dollars when you need it the most.

For more information, including more discounted prices for families, call us at 513-777-6444.